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Eye & Facial Serum Kit

Eye & Facial Serum Kit

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Take your daily facial moisturizing to a whole new level with this ! 

Walnut Hill Facial Serum:

Our Walnut Hill Face Serum is a richly concentrated anti-aging face treatment designed to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. This all-natural, plant-based serum contains no water, silicone, alcohol or any other filler. This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant packed serum helps to decrease environmental damage and works on a cellular level to rejuvenate your skin. 1oz Glass Bottle

Vitamin C Eye Serum:

Our Vitamin C Eye Serum is a powerful, non-irritating eye treatment that, over time, reduces the appearance of under eye circles and discoloration. This super-concentrated Vitamin C serum promotes the appearance of collagen-rich skin by visibly smoothing and brightening the appearance of dark circles over time. .33oz Glass Bottle With Metal Roller


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