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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Wooden Beard Comb

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Wooden Beard Comb

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Unlike common beard combs that are made of plastic and other materials, our Star Wars Rebel Alliance beard comb is a piece of excellent wood artwork. It is designed to safely and effectively keep your beard in perfect shape and form. Its making process entails a three-stage hand sanding process whose result is a smooth finish on the comb and an awesome feel on your skin and beard. The detailed logo of the Star Wars Rebel Alliance on the handle of this comb is another feature that gives it a unique edge. It comes in a small size that enables you to conveniently move around with this comb in your pocket. The light weight and durability of the materials that are used to make our Star Wars Rebel Alliance beard comb enables it to deliver the best value for money.


Real wood allows your beard comb to soak in both one of our amazing beard oils, but also the natural oils of your skins and beard.  Our beard combs are already very unique but after 1-2 weeks use, they become one of a kind.

*Individual color will vary between light and dark wood but will always resemble real wood.

• Constructed Of Premium Wood
• 3 Stage Hand Sanding For Furniture Grade Smoothness
• Individually Stress Tested
• Extremely Durable, Lightweight & Superior Quality

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